Low-flying Love

It was still early, 8:00 AM or so.
Kornelia, my muse and housemate, and I, had already talked about
her daily post and how much I liked it.
She writes and I edit most every day, so we always have a lot
to think about and confer over.

I had just returned from my hour’s walk and was in our new kitchen
brewing my first cup of cream-laced tea
thinking about Kornelia and how much I’ll miss her.
She leaves for Hawaii, just a short week away, and will be gone a month.
At that moment, Kornelia joined me in the kitchen to tell me,

without prompting,
that she was just thinking how much she was going to miss me when
she’s in Hawaii,
the frequent conversations, the intimacy of a shared insight, a night out
together over dinner, an occasional hug,
so much in sync, the two of us.

Right then and there, we again declared our love for each other,
restating what we’ve said many times now.
We share a love below the radar, that can’t be helped,
it’s just the way it is, lop-sided in age
and special, a love beyond romance, deep and secure,
wherever the journey takes us.


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