It can be a mysterious business, channeling the truth
from some source deep within the universe,
coming to the receiver in a coherent stream,
a verb packing power,
bringing insight upon insight
about the world and humanity’s place
in its invisible but dynamic folds .
But what truth does the channel itself reveal,
the Swinomish Channel in this case,
a noun in disguise?
on a bright, blue and white afternoon
in March,
He sits along the Marina’s shore, looking south,
back toward town,
a steady breeze from the north
ripples the water’s surface into the sun’s path,
and suddenly,
he was seeing, right before his eyes,
a dance for the ages!
Just like that, the channel was alive with a thousand
sparkles of light,
rapidly moving, jumping here and there,
in wild abandon and what seemed like some
sort of delirious glee.
Nature, in one precious moment, spelling-out,
typing-out its own message
of energy and beauty,
telling him to look and see
and take it in.


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