Tell me, Oh Muse of this new delight, of this new love,
that seems so much to do with your ascension,
this new unfolding of spirit, moving you, dear Muse,
a step closer to your dream
for yourself and therefore
for humanity.

The current love between us I’ve prized and I know it’s
been the same with you, a source of inspiration for me,
you are my Muse, after all,
and a model for you, for the new earth, two persons,
an older man and much younger woman,
soulmates, finding a deep, spiritual connection,
sublime moments at times, sacred in nature,
shimmering with holiness.
How do I define our love, for memory’s sake?
Our current love’s essence is presence.
Does that do it, do you think?

The new love between us, on the other hand, is too new,
untried, to yield much wisdom
but we can follow where we’re headed.
You, dear Muse, see, in your ascending state,
what i’m yet unable to see, the deep need for privacy,
to be alone for extended periods,
to pursue and perfect your connection with Source,
not selfishly but for the common good of all.
To honor that in you means finding ways for me
to spend more time traveling.
Visiting my children, never a bad idea,
might be even better if my visits were longer.
How do we define then, my Muse, this ascending love?
Our new love’s essence is absence.
Does that do it, do you think?

So here we have it, my dear Muse,
the full range of our love’s encompassing essence,
presence and absence to think about
in a future of possibilities.


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