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Joan and I settled in LaConner, in 1987, twenty-two years ago. Most everything in Whistling was written in the last eight years. The reason the pace has picked up has less to do with the artistic spirit that surely roams the Valley and more to do with our ages. Time is running out. Except for a few snapshots and letters, our parents left us little information regarding their past and their thinking on the issues of the day. Joan and I want to be sure we leave more of a paper trail for our children and grandchildren. Hard- copies of everything in three-ring note books are awkward to handle and store. Digital printing for the small number of books we need seems the way to go. Not so unusual these days, we plan to produce soon a second volume, entitled Whittling, which will contain our memoirs, a travel section and some of Joan’s poems and letters using the same digital format.

Although Whistling is written primarily for our scattered families, we are more than happy to share it with friends and any others who might find something within its pages to enjoy, laugh at, mull over or even take exception to.

7 thoughts on “Whistling”

  1. We received (your) collection of stories, essays and poems long ago and should have let you know much sooner how much we enjoyed it. By turns humorous, analytical, lyrical, sensitive and always on target and feet-on-the-ground-they are almost like having a personal visit with you

  2. I have enjoyed making my way through it (Whistling) slowly, savoring tidbits at a time. I laughed over Fog Dog and the town turkey saga and the four Love is Like That poems made me cry. It is to be treasured

  3. Your appreciation of where you work, the varied experiences you’ve been thrown into and your love of the area truly shines through as does your love for God …Thanks for sharing your lively thoughts with us

  4. When I received your book Whistling I sat down and read it with great delight. I found it to be wonderful and insightful. Lots of wisdom …The book was like a lovely visit…

  5. Both Jock and I have been enjoying Whistling from Sarah Palin to Valentino, from your work and your years of marriage, your generous heart and intriguing insight come through. What a gift to family and friends

  6. I love the (first) poem and story about the whistler. I thouught the rest of the book was not going to be as good. ‘Wow’- was I wrong!

  7. It was such a pleasurable surprise to encounter your book. The poems and stories have such a broad sense of the quotidian and (yet) surpassing, everlasting, philosophical..and so full of youth and delight…

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