Re-programing Myself.

My age is no secret but I’m discovering that while I”m 91, chronologically, I am 20 years younger in other respects. Nobody has to remind me of my advanced years. My body gives me clues every day. But I’m also aware how I feel younger when I think younger and that’s where the re-programing comes in. My new image of myself is that of a 71 year old which is derived from the age many others guess me to be. So I start with that. How I look to others makes it easier for me.   (2)  I’m having fun creating a new birth-time for myself. I talk freely about the two birth certificates in my possession. All true. One birth certificate lists my  biological father as Eugene Lyford, and my birth year as 1927. The other birth certificate lists my biological father as Brad Skeele, who is my adoptive father. The second birth certificate also lists my birthdate as 1927. Here, I’ve changed the record to suit my new age. My new birthdate is now 1947 which i have committed to memory.    (3) I’m bending my food intake to benefit my body, to help keep my body lean and mobile, staying away from grain flours and white sugar, focusing on selected vegetables and fruits and once in awhile, splurging with a decadent meal or two. I’ve also found that intermittent fasting is serving me well, so I normally have my first meal at noon or later. I’m also free to eat breakfast on any given morning if I see fit to break the pattern.   (4) I work hard to exercise my body on a regular basis. Most every morning I’m out for a walk, usually an hour in length (maybe 4 miles) followed typically by floor exercises which are yoga positions for the most part. These usually last 20 minutes.   (5) I make it a point to hang out with younger people which is easy since most everyone, by now, is younger than my chronological age. I’ve become attached to two families with young children which helps me to think in broader terms. Then there are a wide range of couples, mostly in their 60’s and 70’s, who manage to keep me on my toes. One couple, particularly, I’m indebted to for it was their book of meditations that helped me immensely at a critical part of my spiritual journey. My rejuvenated growth was pushed along to a new high recently by a woman and poet in that same age group with whom I have a special relationship. she  reminds me daily of the beauty and power, even the holiness, of affection.   (6), Finally, there is my young housemate and muse of three years who initiated this whole new look at myself. Her critical place in my life is described in my previous journal entry, “Musing About My Muse”.  So I’m a new man, getting younger as I get older and intend to enjoy this joy-rimmed ride into the future. living as much as possible in the moment.




2 thoughts on “Re-programing Myself.”

  1. Bob,
    So appreciate your “Gift” to us, your indelible loving spirit for life! Thank You my friend.
    I’m discovering so much more about love, love is not unloving, it’s a gift to another, it’s gentle and it’s kind, it’s forgiving, it’s supportive and it’s encouraging to those from previous relationship’s. I’ve heard a relationship as a break-up, love plays no part in that! It’s anything but love, so grateful for a new vision of love, that continues to grow, even amongst the grieving of a lost relationship!

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