Wind and Breath

This early morning was different than yesterday’s, the blustery winds rushing through the firs, all but drowning out the bird song. At first I was annoyed not to hear what I wanted to hear but then, after I’d walked with the annoyance for a mile or so, it was replaced, the cadence of my stride churning up the word “breath”. Not an annoying wind blocking out bird song, but a welcoming wind, a new kind of song, with the power to infuse me with grace. If I remember correctly, the Hebrew word for “wind” is used to convey the notion of God’s “breath” or “spirit” as well. But even if my memory is faulty, I still like the connection, and from that point, just as I was circling the small golf course, I opened my arms to capture God’s breath, to let the spirit come through my pores and possess me, the last part of walk so much more invigorating than the first.

Yesterday I met my young friend, Chelsea and her 3 year old daughter, Aisling, for lunch, this week at Sakura’s in Burlington, a Japanese restaurant that features Sushi which is presented on a series of conveyer belts running along the bar. Customers can also sit at tables. We chose a table. The mother and daughter settled on the Sushi. Not having much of an appetite, I chose an Egg Roll which was just right, particularly when dipped in a light red sauce which accompanied the Roll. I like this restaurant. It’s where I’d come with Jeff and Margo in March to celebrate my birthday. The exciting thing for me was to learn that Chelsea is, at last, treating herself to something she’s always wanted to do – learn to paint. It’s gratifying to think that now she can be both a certified Appraiser of Art and a professional Artist, a perfect combination.

While at the restaurant, I ran into my friend, Mary, who told me the shocking news that she had had to call 911 at 3 AM after Tom, her mate and my good friend, complained of chest pains. That became my next stop after Chelsea, Aisling and I hugged goodbye for another week. I found Tom and Mary in a single room on the second floor of Skagit Valley Hospital in Mt. Vernon. It was familiar territory, the same place where I’d had my pacemaker installed. I’d forgotten the clutter of electronic gear and personnel you had to wade through in the hallway to the patients’ rooms. It seemed anything but a place of healing. But there Tom was, in bed, wired up but in good spirits. While I was there, a blood clot was ruled out. Other reports were still coming in. His doctor ordered examination by a cardiologist as the next step. I was glad to see the thoroughness, the careful follow-through. I’ve got Tom’s cell phone number so will phone him today.

I arrived home at around 4 PM and when I opened the front door was not slammed with any panic or sense of loneliness for a change, “keeping my own company”  a soothing mantra, as I made my way into the kitchen, turned on the radio. After only a brief moment catching up to the news – the constant upheaval in Washington, DC these days too much for me to bear – I turned to the Classic King station for a little Bach. I have so much left-over food in the refrigerator, I had to spend zero time preparing anything for supper. It was just a matter what my taste buds hungered for. As it turned out, I settled for a small piece of friend chicken, a couple of spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and the remainder of the asparagus. Since I still had the fixings for a martini right there on the counter – I hadn’t put everything away yet from Wednesday evening’s dinner – I made myself my first Martini, mostly dry Vermouth and Rose’s lime Juice with lots of crushed ice. It was refreshing but I wouldn’t want to make a habit of it.

Again last night, a message to Kornelia in Hawaii, complimenting her on the superb way she chose to handle circumstances there with such tenderness and class. I finished reading Ivan Doig’s  “Last Bus to Wisdom” and have started now on “Fishing with Hyenas” . Terry Matthews, the author, a recent acquaintance. She says it took 7 years to write. So far, it reads well and her research and personal experience combine to promise a rich time for me and every reader.


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