The Other Mary

Freed from her chronic ailments, demonic in nature, once and for all,
by Jesus’ healing hands,
now, in gratitude, pursues an old role in a new guise, a renewed woman,
clear-eyed and devoted,
providing support and listening hard, following and nurturing by turn,
her chosen Lord and chosen man.

Was it true, as we hear, that they were close, spiritually intimate,
his confidante, privy to teachings even his disciples
had yet to learn?
Do we see in their relationship, hidden til now, a model for our time,
Jesus and Mary,
the healer and the healed, forever linked, in their passion for the new?

No one knows better than she where he’s headed, yet another rebel
against power’s corruption,
Jewish leadership at its worst, acting out of fear, in the pocket
of Imperial Rome.

Mary cared, her love unshaken, unbroken by death and dying,
one of three who drew close at the foot of the cross.
And again, waited,
the first among other women, looking to prepare Jesus’ body for burial,
but instead meeting him in his risen state
just outside the cave.

“Mary?” he said,
that one word alone conveying the deep affection between them.
“Rabboni !”,
her honoring reply, sealing the moment with sanctity.
At his instruction,
Mary Magdalene ran to tell the disciples, the very first to proclaim
to the world
the astonish news,
Jesus , her Lord, the love of her life, was alive! He is risen!


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