Valley Man

Oh, Valley Man, Valley Man, no dilly dally
Valley man, sixteen years
working with the town of LaConner,
bringing his skills and serving with honor.
Straight-backed and tall he stood,
exceedingly good at admin and planning,
at clarifying codes, fixing roads or For my friend, John Doyle
vacating an alley,
was this man of the valley.
Telling the citizens they had but to comply
was no easy task he knew,
but always he would do his best, screw
up his courage, and sally-forth,
this man of the valley,
sticking to his guns,
keeping the little valley town of LaConner
snug in the tally.
Oh, Valley Man, no dilly-dally Valley Man,
straight backed and tall he stood
If anybody could do it, he certainly could,
and did,
keeping our little valley town snug
in total tally.


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