Simple Joys

The pleasures of partnership are many, two of them
evident early on
her slow awakening from a sound night’s sleep,
the first,
so warming to see and share,
the delicacy and tenderness of it like the unfolding
of a blossom
as it is kissed by the morning’s new sun,
opening to all the day has to offer
taking in its energy.
So she moves, then, slipping from bed
to make coffee for two,
that movement alone staggering him
with it’s sheer beauty,
the small, shapely body in the short nightgown
disappearing down the hallway
to the kitchen
to start the day, her inherent generosity
infusing his sense of things.

Having sipped his coffee and still abed, he turns
to his cell phone
to review his messages and set his day,
in the process
noting her movements in the master bathroom
to his left,
her deft disrobing as she enters the hot shower
and the toweling of her petite body
afterwards, all seen by him as fine art in action,
grace upon grace, matched only
by the way she slips so naturally into her skimpy,
printed panties and her white bra,
and then completes her day’s wear with a colorful T-shirt,
dark pants and a lightweight black zippered hoodie
and dark sandals,
her small, curvy frame attired exactly right
to his poetic mind, her clothing choices those, again, of a
working artist, dazzling him as she does
upon parting, with a final kiss.


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