Letter to Aisling

Dear Aisling,

Someday you may come across this note and I want you to know something about the photograph and who it is that’s holding you. At this time you lived across the street from me on South Fourth in LaConner and once in awhile the three of us would get together for a meal or some other activity your mother thought you would like.

On this occasion, you and your mother joined 36 other guests for a surprise birthday party for me, my 90th, at the LaConner Seafood restaurant. You called out “Bob, Bob” like you always did, opening you arms wide to be pick-up for a brief hug.

I love you and your mother as much as the picture indicates. You are my adopted great grandchild on the west coast as your mother is my adopted grandchild. What fun for me to have family so close!

Robert E. Skeele

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