Thank you, dear one, for the last four, the fun,
a tear here and there, as you tear, and tore, me loose
from that part of my past, a time whose scope
is long and vast,
that put me down,
arming me instead with rivets of love and hope,
into a new view of myself,
less frown, as I healed, am healing,
into a new being, fit to create a fair and livable
future with love at the center of it.
Thank you, dear one, for the last four, the fun,
the sheer joy it brought, and brings,
at even the mere thought.


Endnote: I celebrated Kornelia’s 50th birthday at the upstairs of the LaConner Seafood restaurant on October 22, 2013 and every one since. Yesterday’s birthday, 2017, started off with a card containing my poem followed by fresh flowers for the kitchen counter. That afternoon Kornelia was pleased if not surprised to find herself at lunch with Marianne Green and Robyn Pitkin, who brought her six-month old twin girls at her favorite dining place, Seed’s Bistro on Morris in LaConner. The twins made Kornelia’s day. She, godmother to them as well as Robyn’s son, could not have had a better time, holding and cuddling them one at a time, changing their diapers. I’ve never seen Kornelia happier.

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