Fourteen Days

The moment he opened his eyes, he sensed it.
Something different about the day,
steeple bells, he imagined, chiming in the background,
boat horns on the channel, blowing here and there,
celebration in the air.
Then he remembered, then he knew,
in a mere fourteen days,
the woman he’d had on his mind
had moved to his heart
entering his blood stream, and is now
coursing through his body, healing as she goes,
making everything new.
And it was working
prompting him to think young, to be young,
at heart,
ninety-one years in body, but in spirit,
twenty years less,
three years her elder, a workable union
in the world of poets.

Celebration is in the air!
Two poets have found each other, not surprising,
she teaching poetry,
getting her students to string words together in
cogent and vivid ways on the journey
to a new vision;
He, a poet lariat, forever twirling his rope of words
overhead, trying to lasso his readers into
another look;
Both at home , at ease, with one another.
Knowing the power and playfulness
of words
and the enveloping nature of love,
they begin a new path now,
curiosity leading them to wonder whether
the intimacy of poetry
might some day translate, unhurriedly, into
a poetry of intimacy.


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