Comparing Notes

Oh what fun! Fun in a serious sort of way,
a grandson, sixteen years of age,
and a grandfather, seventy-five years older,
comparing notes.
Both whipped out their cell phones
to show with pride
pictures of their girlfriends.
Ah, beauty all the way around!
His, at sixteen, a tall blond, taller than he.
The grandfather’s, a petite redhead
who, at seventy,
inches less in height but with a tall presence,
both women
with glamour and allure enough
to draw the young man and the old man
out of themselves into a new place.
They look at each other across the table,
and across the wide age gap,
and smile,
delighted at their common find
and the promise love holds
for any age.

Endnote: This reflects conversation Bob had with his grandson, Niko, upon first arriving in Santa Fe for a visit. His daughter, Susan, and her son had stopped at one of her favorite restaurants for a late breakfast upon their return from the Albuquerque airport on Sunday, October 6, 2018.

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