Ever since she left for a month he’s been hit by waves
of panic,
coming and going with the tide of his emotion,
at first crashing in upon him, knocking him down
and then, as easily, letting him stand,
gaining breath,
and then knocking him to the sand once more
as if to knock some sense into him,
to shake loose any hidden thoughts,
blind spots protect there by his guardian ego,
never intending to yield.

Then, at the end of the first day spent alone,
except for lunch,
his reflection evoked a telling re-phrase.
He was not alone, he was, instead,
“keeping his own company”,
the words surprising him with their power,
introducing him to himself yet another time,
to that place within
where the mystery of transformation dwells
that untouchable spot,
the body, our source of life,
where good company may always be found.


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