It didn’t always feel like he had one
those last months.
Walking with his loved one
down the spiral, not of his choosing.
But there he was, there they were,
the descending path ever darker
as they made their way,
a bright spot, a moment of clarity,
now and then,
but finally, total darkness.

The separation death brought, sharp,
and though painful,
soon gave rise to a new choice:
Either lay down his mantle of old age
and retire into the night,
there to sleep
or pick up the mantle of a newer age
and step into an upward spiral
with light at the end.

The upward spiral it was, no victim he,
choosing life, the lure of its love
too strong,
not to explore and feel the embrace of,
the wamth of its passion
moving him beyond himself
to a higher place,
which was, in reality,
a deeper place, within,
where love finds it source to be
and from there moves out into the world
to do love’s bidding,
being and doing, twins to wholeness
and the beginning of a life
of joy.


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