Weekend Mornings


Saturday Repose

I would guess it happens, at least for some couples,
on rare occasions,
waking gently to a new day after deep rest,
with no urgency to tend to,
sipping coffee in bed, listening to the news,
talking softly first with words our mouths form
and then with shifting sounds our bodies make
as we seek, in ecstasy, love’s deeper kinship,
taking in the other’s being,
becoming one
and in the following quiet
a moment of complete and utter contentment,
free of any past or any future
all thought blurred into nothing
by a sense of a greater containment
holding us there in union
until time beckons us,
calling us back to our nourished selves,
perhaps to find God as well
in other places.


Sunday Response

I guess it happens, at least for some couples,
with a certain regularity,
waking gently to a new day after deep rest
only to remember faith’s call,
no time for coffee or the news this morning
no leisurely conversation either
she with a lesson plan to review and material
to gather
before the congregation does.
He, likewise, has a lesson plan to review
for a different locale,
and after the class, worship to conduct.
They both know
that the drive that called them yesterday morning
and the drive that calls them this day,
are one and the same:
a deep desire for kinship and unity,
to become one,
one body in Christ.
Physical intimacy and spiritual intimacy
opposite sides of the same coin,
both beckoned by God’s
constant love.

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