Open to a Miracle

I seem to have left my journaling behind but not really. It’s been in the background of my thinking and writing as I tackled other projects, other writing, all of which sounds deliberate and organized, which it is not, thrown off a little bit – that’s not accurate, I was thrown off a lot – by the appearance of the woman of my dreams. I may have made mention of this before but for months now I’ve been putting out for the Universe to hear a mantra the first part of which was to declare myself “open to receive miracles”. I’ve had to do this intentionally to offset my tendency, now that i’m older, to settle for where I am and what I have, in the process, shutting off any new possibilities. Later, I concluded I would still like to find a partner with whom to share my life and so decided, once and for all, to extend the mantra, to open myself up to receive someone who would be petite (that is, shorter than I am) and a perfect match without trying to define exactly what that “perfect” fit might be. So much for background.

For a variety of reasons, I decided to thrown a small dinner party (on June 29) at Seed’s Bistro in LaConner. One of my invitee’s brought two guests, both women. neither of whom I’d met before. Before long, the woman next to me, on my left, and I began quietly to talk. Within a few minutes, I realized there was some sort of connection taking place, something special going on between us, which was both surprising and delightful. It seemed like we had known each other for years. Then I was awakened by what felt like a one-two punch: I became aware that she was not only attractive, she was petite and a poet, My mantra had paid off. It was a match. Since the enjoyable dinner at Seed’s, my poet friend and I have been spending any spare time we have together, comparing notes to see, if, in fact, we are the “fit”I wished for, reading poetry to each other, lingering over a glass of Menage a Trois‘ Pinot Grigio, and talking into the night. Our only full day together was July 4th which we celebrated in Anacortes. I have written a poem that refers to that day under the title “Madame Hooch”. You will soon be able to read it in the poetry section of my website. Are we a match? I have every reason to think so. But if not, we will have gained from each other in the process, good friends always. I close with my greeting to her this morning via email: ” I awoke with these words – Love is fear’s lullaby, putting any unease to rest. Break out in song at the edge of every thought”.

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