Last Night in Sitka

Friday morning in Sitka in what looks to be another unusual day, clear and sunny, as I pack for my return flight home.

I thought yesterday might be a turning point in the weather system but the fog burned off and presented us with warmth aplenty as I went about my usual routine. However, my writing was soon interrupted, pleasantly so, by my son who had gotten back from his 3 day gill-netting jaunt last night ($3800.00 richer) and wanted to treat me to breakfast. We were both anticipating bacon and eggs but settled for fish tacos at Beak’s and a good conversation on the world of financing, an engrossing past time of his in the last year or so as he explores and benefits from his increasing awareness of what makes the stock market tick.

While John returned home to get some more rest,. I walked on to the Hames Center to work-out on the machines and to talk to the staff there. I mentioned that they ought to consider adding “Sitka, Alaska” to their new logo which will soon appear on the their new caps and T-shirts They emailed me a copy of the new logo so I can have “Clever Kathy” in LaConner embroider my new black baseball cap with it. The workout itself was short but satisfying. I wish I could find the same quality exercise machines in the LaConner area. The ones at Balance Point, my old haunt, do not function well and are in need of repair.

By the time I got back to my apartment my mind had turned to the personal issue, an old one, of erectile dysfunction, and so spent some of the afternoon online, researching the solution without resorting to drugs or injections, which took me to the world of vacuum pumps (VEDs) which was an education in itself. Apparently as many a 30 million men in the U.S. suffer from this sexual malfunction which surprised me but maybe should not have, given the level of health issues American men suffer from. In any event, the physics involved in correcting the problem is sensible and straightforward. I will, no doubt, experiment but making the right initial choice is taking some time and work. It should be said at this point that I have found deep and abiding satisfaction with my partner without the use of any device or drug. The only reason I’m bothering to explore the VED world now is to see if there are yet ways to enhance what is already a fulfilling and affirming experience which might lead ultimately to the sense of love-making as a sacred act, holy in its very nature. As you will note, I’m already pursuing this thesis in my study of the possible sexual relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Last night, my last in Sitka this trip, was fun which it always is at the Mean Queen restaurant with its variety of pizzas and ample, fresh salads and the energy of the young who gather there nightly. It was good to see Pete Mooney and his wife, Susan, again and to have some time once more with John, and Nora and Fabio. Nora and Fabio, recently married, are planning some trips together but he must keep one eye on his progress toward acquiring a green card so he can work and stay in the U.S. permanently.