Good morning, welcome to my public journal

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Recently, I decided to go public with my journaling, sharing with everyone my thoughts and actions – with proper consideration for privacy, of course – not because they are particularly fascinating by themselves but because the thinking and acting is being done by me at 91 years of age. In effect, I’m calling you in to help me track and even comment on my antics as I live my – I think – interesting life here in the small town of LaConner with occasional flights of fantasy (in my poetry and prose) and real flights visiting my children and friends in various parts of the country. My last trip was in February to Santa Fe, NM to visit my daughter, Susan, the youngest of my four children, and her family. I’m planning a trip to Sitka, AK in May to visit my oldest son, John, and his family. I intend to keep making the rounds, flying for visits at intervals with the idea of spending at least two weeks with each of the children and maybe even longer if the weather’s right – and of course, I mean the emotional weather – which so far has always been favorable. But down the road, as my mobility declines, what then? Maybe, if that happens, it will be there turn to visit me.

The thing I feel most strongly is that of not wanting to be a burden, ever, on my kids. Keeping my independence is important to me and, I notice, to most of us duffers. The last thing we fight to keep is our car keys.  I remember being so thankful when my mother, who was then 85 years old, sold her car. Here I am, at 91, still driving my 2002 Ford Ranger pick-up with no intention of stopping, and no guilt either. I note, however, that I’m always happy when someone else drives me to social events although I’m okay with night driving. My corneal transplants took care of that problem long ago. I note, too, that I must be alert to any change in me that puts my safety and others in jeopardy and be willing to accept the change with pride.

I spend more time on researching and writing poetry. You’ll find the poetry on my website as well. One of the questions I have is to what extent will the journaling I’m beginning now intrude on my poetry-writing time. I’ll just have to see. Right now I’m prepared to think the journaling will help me to clarify my thinking, my ideas, my feelings and help me as well with expressing them. In any event, I’ve started today to see where it leads me. I’m happy to think there are others out there who are interested in what I’m doing and want to join. Please know you are most welcome!