Going and Staying

“Good morning”,

I write, my mind thinking right away how “good” it really is, to be alive and safe and in a quiet place, the world around me still at almost 5:00 AM, yet to awaken to whatever is out there ahead to laugh over or fret over. This peace I feel I want for all of you who are listening in with your eyes or spirit, knowing you are making your way in your own special style.and might be curious how I’m making my way.

After returning from dinner last night with friends, kornelia and I, both tired, soon said our good nights with a brief hug and disappeared into our respective bedrooms. A little later, there was a tap at my door. Kornelia, still in street clothes, had just wanted me to know how much she was going to miss me. Early Thursday morning she will depart for Hawaii for an entire month which will be the longest period we’ve been separated in our 3 years as housemates. It will be hard for me, too. since we enjoy each other’s company and benefit from the spiritual journey we’re on, learning from one another, as we change and grow. I reassured her, and tried at the same time to reassure myself, that the month would speed by. Hawaii, I knew, would be a powerful distraction and we’d still be in contact since I will continue to edit her daily posts for her Creative Hearts membership. I’m prepared to think the time will fly for me, too, with numerous writing projects and the entertaining I want to do, small dinners where I can experiment with some of my concoctions, several of which I’ve already tried with Kornelia as the tester.

One of the issues Kornelia and I have argued over from time to time is her insistence that she is God, that in fact, we’re all Gods. For me that has been presuming too much and prefer a lesser designation, identifying myself instead as a “Child of God”which implies that God is the source, the creator of my identity. Occasionally, I get a glimpse of where Kornelia is going with her insistence that we’re all Gods. I think here, for example, of Michael Warmuth and Judy Flores’s book of meditations, “Pathways to Surrender”, where they write “We are God. It may sound arrogant. It scares us to think about it…(but) what else could be the truth?…Allow yourself to remember that there is nothing but God – absolutely nothing…There is nothing you need but the power of God. Everything you need is contained within that light within you- everything: all knowledge, all wisdom, all power, all creativity, all joy. It’s already in you…”

It’s that “you” that I’m talking about, the “you” within which God is present. that I see as the “Child” but maybe in the end its a small point.since the physical body itself is a product of evolution and, therefore, can be thought of as part of God’s creative process. I couldn’t find the exact quote I wanted from Richard Rohr’s online meditations but this one’s close to Kornelia’s view as well: “We must reclaim the incarnation as the beginning point of the experience of God…(and) must return to the Hebrew respect…for all the wisdom and goodness of the body. The embodied self is the only self we have known. Our bodies are God’s dwelling place…” And so our discussion continues, Kornelia and I happy to keep at it, she from a place of knowing the truth; me from a place of respecting it, with no question at all about the presence of God within, in the end, love the power and the victor.

As I finish up this post, i hear the rain suddenly pounding on the roof, not the clear, sunny day I’d hoped for (along with everybody else in the Skagit valley). It will have the effect of making Kornelia’s trip to Hawaii all the sweeter and that I like for her. I don’t have to think about a morning walk either. What I’ll do this morning is reassemble my Pilates exercise machine and start working out on that, a sensible – and dry – project for this morning.


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